Single / Twin Outlet - Transformer

Single / Twin Outlet 0
Single / Twin Outlet
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  • Secondary winding centre tapped to earth protecting operator against earth fault potential greater than 55 Volts
  • Constructed generally to BS3535 specification
  • Full earth screen between primary & secondary windings
  • External casings moulded from flame retardant high impact (GRP)
  • Transformer coils encapsulated in a fire proof epoxy resin
  • Fitted with a thermal safety cut out with external reset button
  • 240 Volt supply via 2 metre 1.5 or 2.5 mm artic blue flexible cable
  • Transformers come with a 16 Amp outlet & 5KVA with 16/32 Amp
  • Weatherproof
3 KVA 2 x 16 AMP P30/2
5 KVA 2x 16/32 AMP P50/2
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